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ABS Packmittel GmbH
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Paper banderoles are used for wrapping and packaging a wide variety of products, but can also be used as flower silk or tablecloths.

On our flexographic printing machine the paper banderoles / printed paper rolls / automatic rolls can be printed with up to four colours (food safe colours).

In addition to the customer's own prints, we offer standard print motifs. The printing of the paper banderoles / printed paper rolls / vending machine rolls can be carried out using scatter printing as well as register printing.

Our paper banderoles / printed paper rolls / automat rolls are available in the
Grammages from 20g/m² to 150g/m² available.
Widths from min. 300mm to max. 800mm are possible.
The inner diameter is 70mm - 120mm.
The minimum order quantity is 500lfm.


Our print shop is also at your disposal for contract printing work.

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