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ABS Packmittel GmbH
Industrial Area Lützelwiesen
Perchstetten 2
D-35428 Langgöns

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Under the motto "Gentle for Sweet", ABS Packmittel started a production line for paper cushions in Langgöns / Germany in November 1987. The quality of the products and the flexibility in the implementation of customer requirements quickly established itself on the European market, so that a further production line was added as early as 1991. In order to become completely self-sufficient, the production was expanded in 1996 with a flexographic printing machine.

ABS Gebäude
ABS Packaging does not see itself only as an executive production company. We offer competent technical advice to coordinate, solve problems and improve the quality of your packaging and packaging materials. We help you to achieve a perfect appearance of your products with your customers.

Our customers from Germany, Europe and all over the world include

⦁ Confectionery manufacturer
⦁ Biscuit and wafer factories
⦁ Tobacco industry
⦁ Pharmaceutical industry
⦁ Electrical industry

We supply small, medium and large companies. Paper pads from ABS Packmittel are more than just product protection. They guarantee the brilliance of the products for the end user. Paper cushions strengthen the high-quality image of the products through their noble appearance. This is supported by special imprints - from logo to product image. Paper cushions from ABS Packmittel can be used safely for direct contact with food (in accordance with food law BfR and EEG). We only use certified papers that are made from primary cellulose and are without optical brighteners.
ABS Packmittel is certified according to "BRC/IoP Global Standard" since February 2009. This is an expression and proof of the consistent continuation of the procedures that have been practised for years with regard to quality and hygiene management in the manufacture of paper cushions and paper rolls, both printed and unprinted. The international BRC / IoP standard enjoys the highest recognition worldwide and is the "leading standard" for food packaging.
The standard has been considerably extended and tightened with the fourth version. By fulfilling the "BRC / IoP Global Standard" for packaging and packaging materials, ABS Packmittel proves that a functioning quality management system is in place. It includes all relevant process controls, hazard analyses and contamination protection as well as a reliable hygiene management based on the HACCP system.
ABS Packmittel has been FCS certified since 2013 and PEFC certified since 2014. Since 2015 we are a member of SEDEX.

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