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ABS Packmittel GmbH
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ABS Packaging started in Germany in 1987 with the launch of its first production line for corrugated paper padding. The company's initial focus was to provide protection for confectionery products. The quality of ABS products and the company's readiness to go above and beyond to meet customer requirements soon made ABS a strong player in the European market, which in turn led the company to establish a second production line. In order to become fully self-sufficient, production was expanded once again in 1996 with the introduction of a flexographic press.

ABS Gebäude

ABS Packaging is more than just an executive production company. We offer competent technical advice on coordination, problem solving and quality improvement for your packaging and packaging materials. We help you to ensure your products reach your customers in pristine condition.
Our customers in Germany, Europe and throughout the rest of the world include:

  • Manufacturers of confectionery products
  • Biscuit and waffle factories
  • The tobacco industry
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • The electrical and electronics industry

We supply small, medium-sized and large companies.
Our range of corrugated paper padding provides more than just protection for your products. It conveys the high quality of your products to your customers, with the overall effect of improving your brand image. If you want to deliver your products in style, you can even have your company logo or product images printed on your packaging. Corrugated paper padding from ABS packaging is completely safe for direct contact with foodstuffs, in accordance with the BfR (Germany's Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) as well as the relevant EEG directives. We only use certified paper, produced using raw materials for the pulp with no optical brighteners added. ABS packaging has been certified according to the BRC/IoP Global Standard since 2009. This certification has been awarded to us as a result of years of continuous, rigorous quality and hygiene management procedures, used in the production of our corrugated paper padding and paper rolls, both printed and plain. The international BRC/IoP standard receives the highest levels of recognition across the globe and is the leading certification programme for food packaging.

The fourth and current version of the standard is considerably more strict than previous versions, with a wider scope of application. By adhering to the BRC/IoP Global Standard for packaging and packaging materials, ABS is able to prove that it has a functional, quality management system in place. This system encompasses all relevant process controls, risk analysis and contamination control as well as reliable hygiene management, all based on the HACCP system.
ABS Packaging has also been certified by FCS since 2013 and was awarded PEFC certification in 2014. We have been a member of SEDEX since 2015.

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